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Foshan Ruipeim Smart Coating Co., Ltd. is a domestic R&D domestic high-tech, smart coating manufacturer. {RPM} is a brand of smart coatings. With the changes in the global ecological environment, the earth's surface temperature is continuously warming, saving energy and reducing Emissions, consumption reduction, environmental protection, low carbon, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, luminescence, and self-cleaning have become the subject of global attention. It is the implementation topic of the governments of various countries doing their best to change the ec...

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Address: No.2 Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Foshan repim Intelligent Coating Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent oxygen bar, intelligent self-cleaning coating, transparent glass heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation waterproof coating, intelligent clear glass heat insulation coating, intelligent trace repair waterproof coating, intelligent energy storage luminous coating and other businesses. Interested customers please consult us, Tel:18682479603 (the same number of wechat)

Professional manufacturer of water paints & UV paints( heat insulation,waterproof,anti corrosion,mute,thermosensitive,luminescent ) for over 15 years in China.Application:Building coatings,Industrial Equipment Coatings,Construction and Decoration coatings.




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